Southern Sardinia: Activities and Excursions

Southern Sardinia, with its La Marmilla and Medio Campidano regions, is an area rich with space and opportunity to enjoy your stay with plenty of new and exciting adventures.

Trekking and Walking

The nature is unspoiled and the paths between the forests lend themselves particularly to long relaxing walks or more active excursions. The area also offers excitement to more demanding walkers: there are numerous wild orchids and a diverse range of medicinal herbs, as well as plenty to see for passionate birdwatchers.

Tastings and workshops

To give yourself a multi-sensorial experience, we’ve set up some manual activities that will project you into ancient, rural and authentic Sardinia.
Our various workshops will trigger your senses: bread-making using sourdough, cheeses, honey and saffron, revisiting every phase of ancient Sardinian traditions. Our guests can also participate in a workshop on the biodiversities of Sardinian species. Every itinerary has been arranged by professionals and masters in their fields, and the result of your work can be tasted, or taken home.