Funtana Noa Residence

The Funtana Noa Residence Il Borgo is a pretty collection of lodges adjacent to the Hotel, designed with the idea of reproducing a traditional Sardinian village in mind, with narrow paved lanes and murals, which give the guests and visitors a sense of stepping back in time. It is composed of small and welcoming residences, which are comfortably equipped and which have the advantage of belonging to the Residence. Walking around il Borgo you will be able to admire a true open-air museum: every doorway offers a glimpse into a different world.

Domu ‘e Beranu

The Primavera home, in the heart of the village: is a bright and spacious two-room apartment, with en-suite bathroom, bedroom, living-room with kitchenette, fridge and washing-machine. The house also has a courtesy set of linen, and a writing desk. There’s a spacious courtyard with a garden, for anyone who wants to eat under the stars, or simply relax reading a good book.

Domu ‘e Su Nuraxi

The two-room apartment, Su Nuraxi, is the ideal place to stay for anyone seeking peace and quiet. Inside, you can find all the facilities of a hotel, with the addition of a kitchenette, fridge, living-room and washing-machine.